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Humane Training for Dogs and Their People

Pet-Agree, Inc. offers a top quality total grooming service for canine and feline friends, by appointment. We schedule so as not to overbook which keeps the environment pleasant and stress-free for everyone. Short play and/or rest sessions are built into your pet's appointment to ensure a positive experience. This approach is especially important for the matted pet. Please book your pet's grooming appointment with this in mind.

Our Groomers are highly trained and skilled in their craft. All Groomers regularly attend professional grooming seminars to continue their education. Karen’s background of grooming and handling show dogs for many years sets a high standard with attention to detail for all Groomers at Pet-Agree, Inc.

The various shampoos offered are all top of the line products. The pet's skin and coat condition will help us determine which product is best suited to your pet's needs. We are happy to instruct you on your particular pet's grooming needs for at-home care. Using the proper brushes, combs, etc. for your pet's skin and coat greatly helps in keeping your pet comfortable, healthy and beautiful. We also carry products for pet hygiene.

Grooming includes:

•  Toenails trimmed and buffed

•  Ears cleaned

•  Thorough brushing (including complete de-matting)

•  Bathing – a luster shampoo, then a conditioning shampoo

•  Anal glands expressed

•  Fluff drying

•  Clipping and styling

•  Detailed finish work to owner's specifications

Also available are:

•  Flea and tick treatments

•  Medicated treatments

•  De-skunk treatments

•  Brush-outs only - popular for coated canines in between full grooms




Fees are determined by the size, the condition of coat and the amount of styling for each pet. An approximate fee schedule is posted in the shop. De-matting is charged by the hour. A firm quote is available upon examination. Grooming staff are members of New England Professional Groomer's Association and attend seminars regularly.

Grooming is offered Monday through Friday. Drop off is available as early as 7am and pick-up as late as 6pm.

* All clients must sign a legal waiver in order to sign up with Pet-Agree, Inc.




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