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Humane Training for Dogs and Their People
Private Lesson Training

Private training lessons At Pet-Agree are an individualized program designed to meet the specific needs of the client. 

Programs are developed from a wide variety of positive methods for effective behavior modification. Specific programs for aggression problems are highly successful. Lessons are held at Pet-Agree, Inc.

The payment options for private training lessons are:

  • We can schedule one hour lessons at a cost of $95.00 per hour.
  • A second option is our Three Hour Package. This option is for those clients with dogs that will benefit from a more comprehensive and extended approach. Your first session is 1 hour. The two remaining hours are divided into 30 or 45 minute sessions, depending on the training issues being addressed. Appointments may be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart. This Three-Hour Package requires payment of $240.00 at the first hour session. This option reflects an hourly rate of $80.00 per hour.

To enroll in this course:
Complete the Registration Form and sign the Waiver.
Mail the completed forms along with your check made payable to:
Pet-Agree, Inc.
12 Donovan Rd
Candia NH 03034


To pay by credit card call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775

Have your Veterinarian FAX your dog inoculation records to 603-483-8770

Please call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775 for all course schedules.

* All clients must sign a legal waiver in order to sign up with Pet-Agree, Inc.

Private Lesson Registration Form


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